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Doctor Cinzia Dalla Gassa is a dietitian specialised in the restructuring of eating habits.

She is the founder of Intuitive Eating Academy and CEO of Cdg srl.

She’s the author of five essays aimed at the public and nutrition professionals and doctors:

  • Intuitive eating approach, The model for the restructuring of eating habits (2022),
  • Profession Nutritionist (2021),
  • The art of changing table habits (2019),
  • The First STEP Nutritional Coaching Manual (2016),
  • Losing Your Mind (2014).

In the work with the patient she deals with food education courses aimed at slimming and improving the management of dietary behaviour.

Her working method is characterised by an in-depth analysis of the unique way in which the person lives the experience with food, from a mental, bodily and emotional point of view.

In the paths with patients she guides to the improvement of dietary behaviour and lifestyle by working on the structure of the routine and the way the person eats, from a nutritional, mental and sensory point of view.

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