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I’m Silena Ros, surgeon, specialist in dermatology and venereology.

I graduated at the University of Padua where I also obtained my post-graduate diploma in dermatology and venereology. In 2010 I accomplished a master’s degree in dermatosurgery at the University of Siena. For professional or formative reasons, I have attended several healthcare facilities in Veneto, including the dermatology unit of the regional hospital Ca’ Foncello of Treviso.

I now carry out a professional activity in my studio in Treviso, where I perform visits of clinical dermatology, in order to provide a prompt diagnostic and effective treatment of all skin problems, visible mucous membranes and skin appendages such as hair and nails.

In this regard, I offer to my patients my long experience gained over the years at different public or private facilities, combining the same with a friendly, punctual and comfortable welcome.