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Torna a trovarci!

17 marzo 2021 The biorevitalization of the skin mantle (periocular face, neck, decollète, hands ) is one of the oldest procedures of aesthetic medicine. Its goal is to keep the skin hydrated and cared for, thus giving a bright and healthy appearance but also stimulate the production of collagen and
Regenerative medicine with HIFU technology (point and linear) is a technology that uses the so-called “heat therapy” as a rejuvenating power of the skin by stimulating to produce collagen and elastin. The effect that is obtained is an improvement of the lower third of the face and then a kind
ACNE… WHAT ANXIETY! And it is precisely when the child begins to leave the world of games to enter that of relationships, just in the most extraordinarily significant period of life of all of us, that she arrives, Miss Acne. It slowly takes possession of our face and not only.
27 settembre 2019 LESS IS MORE SIMPLE IS BEST NATURAL IS KEY One of the introductory slides to a magnificent lecture held in London at the last congress of Aesthetic Medicine: the FACE in June 2019. For me it is an annual event not to be missed, for the quality