Graduated in Medicine and Surgery on the 29.03.1985 with a grade of 108/110 at the University of Padua, she was qualified to practice in the first session of 1985 and is enrolled in the Order of Medical Surgeons of the province of Belluno with no. 1260.

On 6.07.1990 she specialised in General Surgery with a grade of 70/70 and honours at the University of Padua.

She worked as Assistant Hospital Surgeon from January 1988 to 1990 at OC Lonigo and Valdagno then at the OC of Feltre where in 1992 she took on the role of Assistant Surgeon who also held at L’ OC of Thiene until February 2003.

Since then he has been a freelancer.

She deals with:

  • Small outpatient surgery ( removal of benign neoplasms, skin and subcutaneous
    biopsies, removal of nevi, ligation of insufficient safene collateral, removal of sinus
    pilonidalis nn complicated)
  • Sclerotherapy ( treatment of inadequate telangiectasia and blue well)
  • Carboxytherapy (treatment of laxity and its revitalization, cellulite, edema of the
    lower limbs)
  • Use of PLEXR ( plasma technology for non-invasive surgery) for the treatment of
    benign skin lesions and non-ablative blepharoplasty