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Curious traveller and lover of dermatoscopic photography, in order to follow my passion:

I earned a degree in Medicine and Surgery in Genoa, my hometown; later I travelled 500 km to specialise in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Udine – Trieste.

In 2020 I will attend a course of Aesthetic Medicine (peeling).

However, given that I appreciate the North East, I decided to move to live and work in Veneto, both in the USSLL2 and in the Dermatoclinica Treviso centre.

I am a member of the Order of Doctors of Genoa, but also, since 2014, of the General Medical Council (order of the English doctors).

I worked as a dermatologist in Genoa at the LILT ( Italian league for the fight against cancer), at the COL (Ligurian oncological centre), at the AIED (Italian association for demographic education) and at the Ministry of Health USMAF – SASN Liguria.

I have carried out an activity of Dermatosurgery near the Centre Ceccardi Medicine of Genoa, directed by Prof.Berrino.

My main areas of interest are dermatoscopy, melanoma prevention, NMSC (Non Melanoma Skin Cancer), sexually transmitted diseases and Dermatorugery, a source of continuous challenge and learning.