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In 1993, at the University of Padua, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, she obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery with 110/110 points and honours (at the age of 25). In 1998, at the University of Padua, she obtained the Specialisation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
with points 70/70 and honours (at the age of 29 years). During graduate school she collaborated with Dr.ssa Darina Krastinova of Paris, world-renowned specialist for face surgery, at the Giovanni XXIII nursing home in Monastier of Treviso where Dr.Krastinova carried out consultancy activities and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. Since May 2000 she has been Consultant Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at San Camillo Hospital in Treviso, where she mainly deals with Reconstructive Breast Surgery (post-breast cancer), Cutaneous Oncological Surgery (carcinomas and melanomas of the skin).

She is Provider of Plastic Surgeon of Tricare Europe and Sos International for the American government for patients of the American base of Aviano, in particular for breast surgery (breast reductions) and abdominal wall (slimming outcomes after gastric by-pass, etc.) She performs on a voluntary basis cosmetic surgery such as: breast augmentation, mastopexy, breast reduction, abdominoplasty and mini-abdominoplasty, correction of gynecomastia, liposuction, upper and lower blepharoplasty, correction of shrinking scars, lipofilling for face rejuvenation, correction of introflexed nipples, removal of skin formations.

She always works in teams with specialists who from time to time may be necessary for additional procedures (general surgeon in case of abdominal hernias during abdominoplasty…). She doesn’t perform rhinoplasty. She performs aesthetic medicine treatments such as hyaluronic acid infiltrations for correction of facial wrinkles such as bar code, glabellar wrinkles, nasogenien grooves, facial contour, remodelling of the cheekbones, bio-revitalization of the skin.