17 marzo 2021

The biorevitalization of the skin mantle (periocular face, neck, decollète, hands ) is one of the oldest procedures of aesthetic medicine.

Its goal is to keep the skin hydrated and cared for, thus giving a bright and healthy appearance but also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to obtain a lasting skin firmness.

To facilitate this procedure, the most recent scientific innovation has provided a new device called “nanosoft”.

It is a device constructed with three tiny micro-needles of 0.6mm in length and 36G in diameter, to minimise bruising, and allow thanks to its particular conformation, its use in delicate areas such as the periocular area and the neck, always considered difficult areas for their anatomy.

Its use is reported by our patients to be far less painful than the previous ones and must be adapted as always to their clinical picture.

It’s a pleasure to offer our patients the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine, to treat their appearance, respecting their individuality, and their health in absolute safety

Doctor Sabatti Morena



[email protected]

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